Building the brand new lightweight E Type Jaguars

I’ve spent the winter writing and compiling photographs for a new book about Jaguar cars. It features every model from the first Swallow sidecar in 1922 right up to the very latest F Type convertible and I’ve been photographing cars to fill gaps in my archive. Jaguar Heritage have been very helpful with access to some of the early SS models but whilst I was up at their old Brown’s Lane special operations department I got a sneak preview of the new light weight E Types being built. These are six brand new chassis to complete the series of 18 that was started in back in 1963, manufactured in aluminium to the exact specifications of the original cars they will even be allocated the missing chassis numbers making them eligible for classic racing events.

James’ British Auto Legends stamps launched

After a great plug on Top Gear ,the British Auto Legends stamps I photographed for the Royal Mail last September will be launched next week. The 1st class issue cars feature a Jaguar E Type, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and an Aston Martin DB5.The international stamps include an MGB, Morgan Plus 8 and Lotus Esprit.The cars were shot at Plough studios in South London and designed by Design agency Why Not Associates.There is a range of collector packs and first day covers available through the Royal Mail website.